Exeter staff, students, express concerns about employee who hit teacher with golf cart

EXETER, Calif. (KFSN) -- There was a scary moment at Exeter Union High School earlier this month.

On the morning of February 9th, a campus supervisor driving a golf cart struck a special education teacher, knocking her down.

She had bruises, chipped teeth, and a split lip.

The driver, police say, had been distracted-he was looking at his phone.

"Well we did look into it, of course, and do an investigation," said Exeter Unified School District Superintendent Tim Hire. "As far as what actions if any the district is taking, because it's a personnel issue and those things are protected by law, I can't say what has been done."

Hire says the campus supervisor is still an employee.

Prior to the incident, Hire says he was never approached with concerns about the employee's behavior behind the wheel, adding that neither he nor the principal had personally observed any erratic actions.

But a staff member who wants to stay anonymous says complaints have been made, and that it's common knowledge the supervisor has caused problems on campus.

"I have heard kids in passing multiple times that he has run over their feet on the cart," the staff member said. "For the past year and a half, everyone on campus has known that he is inappropriate and honestly dangerous, but stopped complaining because nothing was being done."

Off-camera, Action News spoke to multiple students who say they have heard or personally seen the campus supervisor drive dangerously.

One student said he's a really nice guy, but is reckless, honking at students and expecting them to get out of his way.

As part of their investigation, Hire says they're making changes to how staff uses golf and electric carts on campuses within the district.

One new rule: no more driving the vehicles in close quarters.

"Where your field of vision is very limited and students and staff can walk out from behind a corner and can't be seen," Hire explained.

The Tulare County Office of Education says the teacher who was hit was ordered by her doctor to stay home through this week.

They say she expects to be back to work next week.
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