Extreme home makeover: Crews, volunteers work swiftly on home for CAL FIRE captain

CLOVIS, Calif. (KFSN) -- An extreme makeover at an extremely fast pace.

The construction crew building one house in Clovis has less than seven days to complete the project.

What normally takes a week is condensed down to one hour.

"We get an entire crew that would handle a whole home to handle about one room and we basically duplicate that through the whole house. That's rough math and it all depends on the trade," says Ryan DeYoung of DeYoung Properties.

DeYoung explains that inspectors from the city of Clovis are on site for most of the day and night since crews are divided into two shifts.

Well before construction began on Tuesday, DeYoung Properties developed a blueprint with inspectors and contractors.

"We have actually been meeting for weeks, if not months, with each of them, kind of getting them prepared with what we plan on installing and how we are going to work together. Normally each trade partner gets to work in the home by themselves but in this case, we have multiple trade partners working at the same time."

This new house will be the new home to CAL FIRE Captain Nick Reeder.

Reeder's wife, Amanda Sawyer, died shortly after giving birth to his twin girls in April 2018.

DeYoung Properties is counting on volunteers to have the home ready for Reeder for the big unveil on Sunday.

"It is just helping out wherever we can. Refilling any supplies that they need. Just helping with breakfast and lunch and we have crews here on site 24/7," says Ashley Ilic, a volunteer coordinator.

Volunteers are working six-hour shifts

And one of those volunteers is a familiar face to Extreme Makeover: Home Edition.

Mary Ann Riojas and her family were featured on the show in 2009 when their Central Fresno home went under a major renovation.

"I wanted to see what it was about and so I came out to see everything that's happening behind the scenes. And I believe being out here is a double blessing. It is a blessing for me giving and I'm also receiving as well," says Riojas.

DeYoung Properties says anyone interested in helping out or donating can apply through their website.
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