Fresno residents adjust to first day of mandatory face masks

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- You can now add Fresno to the growing list of cities that are now requiring people to wear face masks in public places.

"I think it's necessary, I think if it's going to save people's lives then why not," said Tiffany, a Fresno resident.

But not everyone got the message.

Our cameras caught plenty of folks at the AM/PM at Blackstone and Bullard early Thursday without any facial coverings on, despite multiple signs from the city urging the public to mask up.

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"It might be that we need to continue to get the word out," said City of Fresno Spokesperson Mark Standriff.

City officials say police officers will not enforce the order but expect voluntary compliance by residents.

"If they are stopped, it's just going to be a gentle reminder. I don't think we're ever going to be in a position where we're literally handing someone a ticket, that's just not going to happen," Standriff said.

By Thursday afternoon, it appeared most residents were beginning to catch on.

"We've been in masks for a while, but we were not expecting it to be as smooth, I guess the word got out," said Kevin Seubert, manager at Fresno Ag Hardware.

Shoppers at Fresno Ag Hardware were checked for masks before entering the store, but according to management, the new mandate was not an issue.

"We have people at the door making sure everyone has a mask, and they're there to disinfect the shopping carts when they come back," Seubert said.

Several cities and towns across America have already been requiring masks for several days or even weeks.

"We're expecting you to wear a mask when you're walking around in public, not in your own yard, not when you're driving your car, not if you're getting out to pump gas or what have you," Standriff said.

The city wants to remind everyone to have a mask handy at all times in case you go into a business or come in contact with another person.
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