Fresno firm creates app to help keep track of employees' health survey responses

With a monthly subscription, businesses can pay as little as $30 a month to electronically track each employee's daily health information and skip a mountain of paperwork.
FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- When many essential employees head into work, they're filling out health surveys, which has left companies dealing with a mountain of paperwork.

Fresno's FaceScanUSA thinks they have found the solution to streamline the process.

"So if they need to pull up historical records of every survey that an individual has done, it's one click of a button for them versus going through binders and a pile of paperwork," says Robert Morris, a partner at the company.

With a monthly subscription similar to Netflix, businesses can pay as little as $30 a month to get set up electronically to track each employee's daily health information.

"Any businesses that aren't doing the health surveys because they're a real pain, and they are extra work, they want to just do their core business so this offloads that and makes it really simple for them," says Morris.

The stored information is saved in a database that's accessible online.

The partners at FaceScanUSA wanted to provide the service at an affordable cost to clients. Businesses with 50 or fewer employees get the best monthly price.

"That was really the price point was how can we deliver this for something as low as 30 bucks a month and do it right? So we've managed to do that," says Morris.

Local customers, like No Surrender, already use FaceScanUSA's other product - temperature scanners equipped with facial recognition. They hope this new product will make keeping track of employees' paperwork less of a hassle.

The app will debut next week. Businesses are already lining up for the software and many are local companies.
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