Man accused of using fake Facebook profile to set up kidnapping, rape appears in court

MADERA COUNTY, Calif. (KFSN) -- Investigators portray Carlos Bolanos as a predator who kidnapped and raped one teenager, sexually assaulted another, and stole a car from a young mother. They say in each case, he used Facebook pages with female names to contact the victims and make them feel safe.

"He initially stated he created the page to monitor his girlfriend," says Detective Michael Thomas. "Then he later stated he created the page to meet girls and try to meet up and hang out with them."

Madera County Sheriff's deputies say Bolanos befriended a 16-year-old girl using the name Maritza Martinez before coaxing her into a van near Madera South High School and raping her in a rural area back in April.

Thomas testified that an 18-year-old girl was sexually assaulted by Bolanos that same month. He said the victim went to meet with a female friend who reached out over Facebook but ended up alone in a trailer with Bolanos.

"He repeatedly pushed her away from the door and told her not to open it," Thomas said. "She noticed he was holding a knife. She described as a short blade with a blue handle."

Another witness took the stand Wednesday to say Bolanos also used the Maritza account to reach out about a car she posted for sale in March.

Alica Amezquita testified the buyer wanted to meet in a remote area, but she insisted on making the sale at her home.

She said Bolanos then showed up claiming to be Maritza's cousin, paid $1,000 in counterfeit cash, and sped away.

The money wasn't real, and the person wasn't real," Amezquita said. "Afterwards, I figured out."

Bolanos is now facing nine different counts, and the judge ruled there is enough evidence to send him to trial for all of them. The 22-year-old's mother said he had a difficult childhood, and she does not believe all of the allegations against him. He waved at her on his way out of the courtroom.

"We should just have faith in our judicial process, and ultimately justice will served, and Mr. Bolanos's interests will be zealously represented," says Defense Attorney Rohn Barrow.

Bolanos is scheduled to be back in court on February 11.
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