Family demands accountability after motorcyclist hits fridge

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- Time has not yet healed all wounds, at least not for Blaine Thomas's family.

"Every day I wake up I feel my brother more and more, and it just dawns on me he's really gone," said Ashlyn Thomas, the victim's sister.

Four days after a deadly motorcycle collision killed the 26-year-old on Highway 168, CHP investigators haven't revealed if the other driver will face any consequences.

"This was a very preventable situation, it was all due to negligence. Could have taken 5 minutes to tie down the fridge and save a life," said Amber Perry, a good friend.

Blaine was going westbound on the on-ramp to the 180 Thursday night when he slammed into a refrigerator. Witnesses tried administering CPR, briefly helping Blaine regain consciousness, before he succumbed to his injuries. Officers say the fridge had fallen from a truck bed.

"I mean the least he could do is contact my mom. He hasn't tried to reach out. The least he could have done is stay at the site," said Ashlyn.

Friends say Blaine was a hip-hop artist. He was humorous, vibrant, and had a confidence that overflowed.

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"We had so much to look forward to, we had multiple shows booked, we had music to be released," said Ibis Hernandez, the victim's friend.

CHP officers say the investigation is still ongoing.

The family has set up a GoFundMe to cover Blaine's funeral expenses. You can make a donation here.
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