Family members say teen shot in West Central Fresno was innocent victim of gang violence

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- Karen Britten says she heard a burst of gunfire in her complex, while her 13-year-old grandson DaShawn Bateman was walking home from a friend's.

"By the time I got outside he was crawling and saying grandma-- I'm hit. I'm hit," said Britten.

Britten says when she heard those chilling words, her heart sank.

"I was through because I didn't know where to look."

Her seventh-grader was on the ground suffering from a gunshot wound to the leg.

The suspects took off and authorities and believe they are part of a Southwest Fresno gang that recently moved into the neighborhood.

"There is some type of feud going on between them and the individuals that live here in this complex," said Chief Jerry Dyer.

Bateman's mom says the attack makes no sense. She said her son is a good kid, an usher at church--a young teen who is never in trouble.

"For somebody to come back and do this to my baby, it's like a stab in my heart. That's my baby that's my baby-- it hurts I'm still in shock."

The neighbors who are also rattled, say it is the second shooting there this week.

"Somebody else just got shot in the leg. Over here yesterday. When is this going to stop its kids running through here. Our kids live here!"

And now one of those kids is in the hospital, recovering from being shot. A close call for a family who is thankful it just ended in a trip to the hospital and not someplace worse

"It's really God blessing as close as they was he could've been dead."

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