'She said she heard metal crushing:' Family of victim injured in Highway 180 crash speaks out

FRESNO COUNTY, Calif. (KFSN) -- The images of a mangled mess are as vivid as yesterday to Jacqueline Cansino.

"She said she heard metal crushing and then she heard my sister Rosie yell watch out watch out," Cansino said.

The family had just finished celebrating Jacqueline's birthday on March 3, when she got a call that her sister, Rosie, was involved in a major seven-car pile-up on Highway 180.

Inside the car were Rosie's husband and their three small children. The youngest, just five-months-old.

"Just their injuries, knowing they are in pain and you can't take it away," Cansino said.

CHP officers say 19-year-old Timothy Butler caused the crash and had been driving under the influence.

He's hardly the only one.

Just last Saturday, another drunk driver rammed into multiple cars near Academy Avenue.

Two killed in head-on crash on Highway 180; drugs may have been factor

"I just hope he apologizes and sees what he caused," Cansino said.
The CHP has stepped up saturation patrols.

But the Cansino family is hoping Caltrans will put in guardrails, even though the amount of traffic doesn't meet the current guidelines.

Despite multiple crashes, guardrail on Highway 180 not warranted, CalTrans says

"I sent out a text to my family. I just told them nobody is allowed on that stretch of the freeway," Cansino said.

The Cansino family is far from recovery.

Rosie still has to undergo several surgeries.

More than anything, they want people to think about the family's pain when they consider drinking and driving again.

Family members have set up a GoFundMe page to help the Cansino/Zamora family.
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