Family remembers murder victim, asks for help finding killer

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- Homicide detectives say a handful of people were in the car with the gunman when an innocent man was shot in front of a West Fresno church.

The basketball player, who loved playing the drums and singing at church is gone. 20-year-old Zurich Chatman died after police say a ruthless killer targeted the wrong man. But the reality of the deadly outcome is a constant wound for Chatman's mother. Even her commute to work is now painfully difficult.

"He would take me to work every morning. He would pick me up every day. He would come, even the ladies on my job, you know, they loved him," The victim's mother, Tamara Brown said.

Investigators say several people, who could be either suspects or witnesses need to clear their names before detectives track them down. Police Chief Jerry Dyer says a car full of people waited around the corner for five minutes before a passenger fired out the window, striking the victim.

"We're hoping that someone will have the courage to come forward with the information we need to solve this case. Otherwise, we have a killer on the loose and he may kill again," Dyer said.

Officers have made the case their top priority and enlisted FBI agents to help with different parts of the investigation. Chatman was a graduate of Sunnyside High School who attended Fresno City College. Police say he walked a straight line and was the victim of mistaken identity- in an area plagued by gang violence.

Chatman's mother said her son's life was a miracle and she never expected it to end like this.

"He was already born with heart complications. He got a pacemaker put in when he was eight months, he got a defibrillator put in just last year, so he was already fighting for his very life and for someone to take it so senselessly, I call them a coward," Brown said.

A $5,000 reward is being offered for information that leads to an arrest.
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