2 people from the Valley are being called the real-life 'Notebook' couple

They grew up in the farming community of Easton and got married nearly 70 years ago.
EASTON, Calif. (KFSN) -- Floyd and Violet Hartwig got married in the 1940s.

They were married for 67 years. Family members say the Hartwigs never left one another without kissing each other. Earlier this month 90 year-old Floyd who suffered from kidney failure was told he had two weeks to live. His wife Violet was also in deteriorating health.

The couple's daughter described the day she realized her parents would pass away together. "When we could see it was really getting close we pushed their hospital beds together so they could hold hands and my dad died holding my mom's hand and my mom died five hours later. They were meant to go together," said Donna Scharton.

Family members say even though it was heartbreaking to lose both parents on the same day, they are drawing strength knowing they passed away the same way they lived their lives. They went together. null
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