5 sets of triplets keep CRMC staff busy

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- Doctors at Community Regional Medical Center said they're confounded by the recent boom of babies they're delivering.

For Stacie Trasoras, time can't move fast enough.

"When I stop to think about it, it can get a little overwhelming," said Trasoras. "I had morning sickness for about four and a half months."

She's almost eight months pregnant, with triplets. "One of them kicked their dad in the face the other day," she said. She's playing the waiting game, which means three weeks of bed rest. "I've had nurses French braiding my hair and we made a belly cast. They talk to me just to keep you going mentally,"

It's a time-consuming routine Dr. Anand Rajani is getting used to. He's a neonatologist and said, "I was born at this hospital. It's kind of the funny circle of life." He'll care for the Trasoras triplets once they're born, like the three sets he's already helped deliver last week, and the fourth set that's due any day now. "Now having four sets of triplets in our unit is really, really incredible. And very, very unlikely," he said.

So rare in fact, it's making this hospital famous. "Our pharmacist who is here is from Korea and he tells us he read about it in the Korean news. It's also been in the Japanese news," said Rajani.

Now the clock is ticking and it's only a matter of time before the fifth set makes their debut.

Dr. Rajani said three sets of the triplets were born spontaneously, without artificial reproductive technologies. The odds of that is 1/6400.
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