Free activities at the fair helps families make memories affordable

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- Kids and the fair go hand-in-hand and this year, there's more than ever to enjoy with the young and youthful for absolutely free.

If you bring a few kids to the fair, food and rides can really get expensive, but, there are plenty of things to do that are free and still great memory makers.

"We have the BMX stunt show, a wild west turkey race, pig races, all of those things are free. The entertainment value is worth the price of gold," said Laura King, Big Fresno Fair.

Many exhibits include enriching learning games and puzzles. Kids can even practice milking a cow before you watch the actual practice in person. Then there's the animals that are never a disappointment.

Reggie Felder hits up the 'no cost' experiences first with a motto to keep his money for as long as possible. "Well if it costs, we just keep it moving."

If you want to explore the other side of the world without leaving Fresno, your kids can get lost in the new Egypt's Wild Side exhibit which gives kids the chance to get intimate with animals and even touch a hairless cat.

"Almost every 50 feet there's something you can do, you can see, you can touch," said Megan Miller, Egypt's Wild Side Exhibitor.

At Sudsy's Barn, kids seem to love the free interactive hand washing attraction that provides good clean fun that's bubbling with wonder.

Christina Bogdanovich, a parent, said, "That's very fun. In fact, you've never seen your child take so long to wash their hands and blow dry their hands."

There's plenty of free and fun photo ops all over the fair and the chance to take pics with your favorite ABC30 news personalities and score free shades.

The gem and mineral exhibit is a fun place to rock gaze and get low cost, timeless souvenirs.

The most experienced fair visitors say an affordable day at the fair comes down to a good game plan.

"What you do is you just go to the ATM, you put a certain amount in your wallet and once you run out, then I guess the day is over," said Felder.

If you are bringing your kids next Wednesday is the best deal, it's kids day so kids 12 and under get in free and it's two dollar carnival rides all day long. null
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