Growing number of employers offering coaches to help new working parents

Allison Tyra was filled with love the moment she saw her baby son Charlie. But she loves her job too and just returned to work after a three month parental leave.

"I mean, I'm excited to dive back in and use my brain and talk to adults."

Tyra credits her readiness to return with a coach provided to her by her employer. Her company is one of a growing number of businesses helping workers with the huge transition of leaving to have a baby and then juggling work and family.

"The floodgates have really opened when it comes to parental leave coaching. In the last year, we have seen an exponential growth. Companies are seeing the benefit of it to their bottom line and their employees' health and wellness," said Amy Beacom, Center for Parental Leave Leadership.

Beacom said part of the reason for the growth is that millennials are demanding more of a work life balance than earlier generations.

Coaching crosses the gender line, too.

"It started with moms, but because companies have really seen the benefit and are trying to create an equitable system within their companies-- we're seeing dads more and more," said Beacom.

While coaching can be in-person or web-based, Tyra's is over the phone. At first, the coach helped her learn to disconnect from work so she could focus on her baby once he arrived.

During leave, they discussed things like letting go of a full to-do list. And now that she Tyra returned to work, the focus is on everything from deciding if work clothes fit to making sure her support system is in place.

Tyra is thankful her company recognizes that family and work are not mutually exclusive.

"I want to be able to do 100-percent at home, and I want to be able to do 100-percent at work, and I want to be great at both."

Some companies offer coaching only to mothers, or managers and executives.

You can check with your boss or human resources department to see what, if anything, is offered.
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