Costume retailer sells cigarette and marijuana leaf costumes for babies

Here are a pair of costumes almost guaranteed to not win you parent of the year. Costume retailer brandsonsale, which sells just about any costume every imagined (for better or worse), is hoping you'll dress your extremely underage baby as either a cigarette or a marijuana leaf this Halloween.

"No worry of cancer with this cigarette costume. Who knew tobacco could look this cute?" reads brandsonsale's product description of the baby cigarette.

The retailer, however, is not completely oblivious to the controversial statement of dressing an infant as either a controlled substance or illicit drug. In their product description for the marijuana leaf, they know those buying the costume for their tot are looking for the attention:

"The baby marijuana plant costume is just the right combo of cute and edgy that is sure to get stares and laughs from everyone."

Each costume sells for $29.99, and the website claims both are nearly sold out.

ABC has reached out to brandsonsale for comment, though have not yet received a response.

Do you think these costumes are inappropriate for babies, or not? Let us know in the comments below.

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