Safety Alert: TV tip-overs

You might not realize that your TV and the furniture it rests on can be a serious hazard. They can tip over and injure or even kill a child. The government reports that 267 children have died from TVs tipping over since 2000 and about 11,000 suffered injuries. About half were under 3 years old.

Don't put a TV on a dresser or other furniture that a child can tip over. And it's not just the older tube TVs that can fall over. The newer larger flat-panel TVs can also be a danger. They are lighter than older tube TVs, but as they get larger, the weight increases. And their pedestals or "feet" might not fit the old TV stands.

It's relatively easy to secure a TV so that children can't topple it. Make sure that the stand or furniture is sturdy and appropriate for the size and weight of the TV, and place the set as far back as you can on the stand. If you're putting a new TV on an old TV stand, make sure that it doesn't extend over the edges. And anchor the TV to the furniture, and if the furniture could tip over, attach it to a wall.

Consumer Reports also that warns that furniture like bookcases and dressers can tip over even without a TV on top. If you have small children around, f
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