Valley families celebrate Dia de Reyes

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- Tuesday marks a sweet tradition for some Valley families. It's Dia de Reyes or Day of the Kings, the last day of the Christmas season.

The rush is on to get Rosca de Reyes. At Panderia Vista Hermosa in Downtown Fresno, customers like Blanca Santoyo, are picking up their orders to celebrate the Dia de Los Reyes or Day of the Kings.

Blanca Santoyo said, "We do this as tradition in our family. Whoever finds the baby it's a tradition. We make a meal for the whole family."

It's a tradition marking the end of the holiday season, in a fun and festive way. Inside the kitchen at Vista Hermosa, extra employees have been brought in to hand make the treat in a variety of sizes. January 6th is the busiest day of the year for the shop.

"It's a process because we only do it once a year," said Alex Cervantes. "From the mixing to the baking to the decorating, it's a lot more process than just making cookies and throwing them in the oven."

The oval sweet bread is topped with dry fruit and decorations -- some that come from Mexico. Inside every treat are three figurines to celebrate the epiphany.

Cervantes said, "We celebrate this day because that's when they went to go look for the baby Jesus and people think that the figurines that go in the rosca is a baby Jesus, but it's the three wise men."

According to Cervantes, whoever gets that figurine is expected to make a meal or organize a party. Employees say they expect to sell 800 of these cakes and will stay open until 8:00 Tuesday night to cater to their customers.

And for many Valley residents, getting this box with the Rosca de Reyes and sharing it with family is a tradition they look forward to every year.

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