Workout Wednesday: Are you an emotional stress eater? Here are a few tips to overcome that

Many of us turn to food to relieve stress or cope with an unpleasant situation.

But you can fight your food cravings.

Our local fitness expert Rhonda Murphy shares her tips to help you conquer emotional eating.

Murphy says a simple way to know you're an emotional stress eater is to keep a journal. Write down where and when you stress eat.

Make sure that you are keeping up with a regular sleep routine. Aim to get at least seven to eight hours of rest.

Resist the urge to stay up late, watching TV. In fact, avoiding screen time altogether before going to bed.

The last tip is to use exercise to combat stress eating.

The key to exercising is to choose something that you truly enjoy. Whether it is going for a walk, taking an exercise class at the gym, or lifting weights, exercise keeps us healthy.

Remember that, "If hunger is not the problem, food is not the answer."
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