Fan experience 'enhanced' for 2018 Grizzlies season

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- Downtown Fresno baseball is back.

Final preparations are taking shape -- as the Grizzlies are set to open their home schedule Tuesday night. Team President Derek Franks says visitors will notice upgrades at the ballpark -- designed to enhance the family-friendly atmosphere

"The one thing we've been stressing over and over again is the renewed fan experience at the ballpark."

That experience begins with safety.

Close to $50,000 has been invested in new netting to help protect families sitting behind either dugout from dangerous foul balls and the occasional wayward bat.

Franks explains why, "to follow major league teams who have extended the netting and add another layer of protection for our fans."

The kid zone is completely free this year for all home games

Fans will also find the cheapest draft beer in Triple-A baseball this year $5 will get you a 20-ounce cup of your favorite brew for all home games.

"The entire selection, every night of the year," says Franks. "It's not a beer special that happens. That's the price. $5 draft beer."

In the months to come, plans are in the works to transform the section down the left field line into a social area were fans can grab a beer or taco while enjoying the game.

"It will be flanked by a bar and lounge seating," says Franks. Who adds construction will begin soon, "our fans will have a unique experience to watch that get done as the season goes on. It'll open mid to late part of the season."
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