Firebaugh woman is changing the belt buckle game

FIREBAUGH, Calif. (KFSN) -- For Wendy Ozburn, it is all about the details. She designs accessories that pair with her unique belt buckles.

"You can wear wood, stamped leather, embroidery, crystals, glitter," she said.

Each buckle is like a locket. It opens and closes and you can put something personal inside.

"It is a mobile display case," said Ozburn.

She is the owner and founder of Blue Ribbon Buckle Company. She just launched in November but the dream started five years ago. Ozburn was going through a rough time in her life. Her husband filed for divorce and she was laid off of work. She needed to find a way to provide for herself and her two daughters.

"I was searching, what can I do real quick?" said Ozburn. "It's not like I could go to college and get my masters. My girls needed a mom that could support them."

That answer came in the form of the International Guard.

"I got sworn in when I was 39 and then went to basic training at 40 and I was very adamant on what I wanted to do," she said. "I wanted to be a welder and a machinist."

Skills that would help her master her craft and perfect her design, when she returned home from deployment.

"I literally said quote on quote, " I'm making belt buckles," said Ozburn. "I did not know how all I knew is I had the vision and I went with it."

Each buckle features gorilla glass. Some are even embroidered and designed with Swarovski Crystals.

"There is somebody out there working 10 times harder for the same dream," she said. "In order for you to shine you are going to have to work extra hard."

She's been featured in Cowgirl Magazine and has almost made it on Shark Tank twice. In the next few days, she's having a meeting with a fortune 500 company. She can't say who it is but remains optimistic about the outcome.
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