Father of woman shot during Las Vegas massacre speaks on weapons used in mass murders

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- The horrifying images of people running for their lives and video of those shaking and terrified were especially difficult for Ed Milam to watch.

"It kinda put me right back on the grounds at the hospital- right back at the event," said Sanger resident Ed Milam.

His daughter Jessica was shot and critically hurt in the Las Vegas massacre last October. Her status was touch-and-go for several days, in the months following the shooting.

He has contemplated whether high powered assault rifles like AR 15s are necessary for the public to own, especially when they are modified.

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"Those weapons were designed to kill as many people as possible, as quick as possible. And so I don't understand why they are becoming such a part of the fabric of the general public," said Milam.

Milam is a gun owner and proponent of the second amendment. He does not believe our forefathers intended for the law to include military like weapons, complete with accessories to make them rapid fire capable and nearly noiseless.

Congressman Jim Costa said Thursday he has a problem with the accessories many of these mass shooters are using.

"I support the second amendment. I support people's rights to bear arms. But I have yet to find any convincing reason on why to protect oneself, or for hunting purposes- one would need a silencer," said Costa.

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In California, pistol grips are not legal for assault rifles, neither are silencers and magazines with more than 10 round capacities but each state has different laws.

Milam wants lawmakers on both sides to have real conversations about real issues that matter to millions of Americans.

"I've watched Congress debate cheating in baseball. Steroids in baseball. I don't believe I have ever seen a time when there was a big long publicized effort about mass shootings and gun violence," said Milam.
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