Fiery crash catapulted a motorcyclist and his passenger into the air

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?It went by but fast? Woman who witnessed fatal motorcycle crash describes horrific scene. (KFSN)

Moments leading up to the fatal crash, Victoria Tortoledo was standing outside her home, waiting for her grandchildren to come home from school.

"It went by but fast in like five seconds, less than five seconds, you heard a boom, they crashed and there was a lot of dust," said Tortoledo.

At first, she thought her daughter had crashed --then found out it was a blue pickup that collided with a sports bike. The force sent a 21-year-old man and 20-year-old woman airborne, while the motorcycle burst into flames.

"I came back to pick up pieces of his arm because cars were driving by and we brought them to the other side," said Tortoledo.

While Victoria called 911, others ran to put out the fire with an extinguisher.

"Even though it wasn't anybody that we knew, it was still pretty sad that it happened to somebody's family," said Victoria Pizana.

CHP officers are still trying to figure out who was at fault. The motorcycle had the right of way, but witnesses say speed was a definite factor.

"She had seen the motorcycle on the opposite side of the road and it had went by really really fast," said Pizana.

Victoria says she is relieved her family wasn't on the road at that time--but her heart still breaks for this young victim.

"It's very sad, very horrible. I feel for the family. I wish that the young man would have lived," said Tortoledo.
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