Fresno residents will soon get online monitoring of water use

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- Warm weather means thirsty lawns and the city of Fresno is about to give residents the chance to monitor their water usage better.

"It's a new program coming up called 'Eye on Water.'"

Mike Carbajal, the Interim Assistant Director of the Public Utilities Department, says every water meter in Fresno is equipped with remote monitoring technology. Right now only city employees can monitor water use on a central computer, but soon residents will be able to go online, or with a phone app to check their water usage.

"A tool for them to help understand their water usage and to set water goals and to actually set alerts in the event they have a leak, or that they are watering on the wrong day."

The city is also taking part in a study with the University of Chicago to determine how to punish those who water on the wrong days. Carbajal says the study will help Fresno decide whether its best to keep the current fine structure in place, or lower it.

"The best way to accomplish our conservation goals with the least impact to our customers."

City Communications Director Mark Standriff says Fresno is maintaining its current program of providing free advice to residents trying to manage their lawn watering.

"Is everything dialed in, as far as the time is concerned? Do you have the correct nozzles? Are you over watering, under watering? We've got experts that will come out absolutely free."

The city will also provide expert advice on planting drought tolerant landscaping.
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