Safe from Scams: Broker or impostor?

A woman who never graduated from high school admitted to ripping people off to the tune of $800,000.

"She assumed the identity of a well-known international banking firm official," said Vivian Guerrero, US Postal Inspector.

Postal inspectors said 21-year-old Amy Brook Wilkerson was very convincing.

"She educated herself through the use of the Internet with the language, with the verbiage, with the terms used typically in investing in the stock market. To the point where she duped a lot of victims and took their money," said Guerrero.

Twenty victims lost more than $800,000.

"The victims were very surprised that they were being defrauded. They all commented on how articulate this person was," said Guerrero.

"This person was acting basically online, or electronically, so I never got to meet this person face to face. So, you know, that could have been a sign, I guess," said a victim.

The victim and his friend were both investing their money with Wilkerson.

"The feedback was happening, but no paperwork was being sent you know."

Postal Inspectors emphasize the importance of due diligence and research.

"I would urge people to look up the information themselves and not go by what they are being told," said Guerrero.

Wilkerson pleaded guilty to 29 counts of wire fraud and one count of aggravated identity theft. She was sentenced to more than six years in prison and ordered to pay almost $500,000 in restitution.
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