Scam Alert: Valley resident records call saying his PG&E service is about to be shut off

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- In between working on cars, Tim Gabrielson answers a lot of phone calls during his day. But it was a call on Monday -- one that he recorded -- that left him questioning who really was on the other end.

The woman, who identified herself as Janice, said she as calling from Pacific Gas and Electric.

She told Gabrielson, "The reason for my call is because we have scheduled disconnection for the electricity service that will take place (Monday)."

After talking to the woman, Gabrielson said he knew something was wrong, especially after the scammer hung up on him after he asked to speak with a manager.

PG&E spokesperson Denny Boyles told Action News if there is ever a concern with your account regarding outstanding payments, "You'll get a late notice then you'll get a two-week notice and a 48-hour notice, but you're never going to get a call from a person demanding payment."

Boyles also says the best thing to do if you think you're being targeted by a scammer is to hang up immediately and call PG&E directly to get the status on your account.
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