Woman's refrigerator somehow becomes a bomb, covering west central Fresno home in debris

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- Karin Howell's roof is crumbling and her kitchen is covered in debris after a blast rocked her mobile home in west central Fresno over the weekend.

"Next thing i know there was this big boom, and the fridge door is wrapped around my body," Howell said.

Howell was up early to finish wrapping Christmas presents on Saturday morning, as her fiance and a disabled man she takes care of slept inside the home.

Seconds later, parts of her kitchen were in her living room and they were covered in cuts and bruises.

Fresno firefighters responded to the call over the weekend, but what they found left them scratching their heads.

A fire department spokesperson tells us that while the cause is still unknown, they're relieved no one was seriously hurt. considering the catastrophic damage.

"It cracked a lot of beams in the ceiling, broke most of the windows out, the insulation is falling out of the ceiling," Howell said. "Pretty much anything in its path is in pieces or its not here anymore."

Her collapsed home is a crushing blow to her sense of security.

Without homeowner's insurance, Karin, her fiance and the disabled man are living in a motel. Her role as his care-taker is weighing heavily on her heart and her resources.

"I take care of a handicapped man, he's deaf, has seizures and he has a bone disease," Howell said. "I cant really have him in here with no electricity right now, and right now we have just two days left of motels."

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