First responders who saved 2 men from overturned car in canal speak out

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- Less than 48 hours after dramatic rescue two officers seen in the video returned to the scene of the crash.

Their footprints from that morning left in the sand as a windshield wiper from the overturned car float in the canal.

"What was on my mind was just finding the other person," said Josh Reacting.

Sanger Police officer Joshua Calderon was first at the scene.

"I could hear somebody in the vehicle yelling and they were saying help open the door and that is when I jumped in the water," said Officer Joshua Calderon.

The only problem was the door handle was broken off. That is when Lt. Keith Sanders' firefighters from Sanger Police stepped in with the Jaws of Life.

"Got the door open and with the assistance one of the Sanger Police they were able to get the first victim out," said Sanger Police Lt. Keith Sanders.

Sanger Police Officer Sergio Arguello climbed inside rushing to keep the man trapped in the passenger seat above the rising water.

"I ended up feeling the tip of his nose but he had a lot of debris on top of him at that time. I cut some stuff pushing things around and we ended up shoving his head about an air pocket that was in the car," said Officer Arguello.

Arguello then stayed in the car for 20 minutes until Cal Fire's dive team arrived.

A collaborative effort from multiple agencies that one of the victims thanked them for over the phone.

"I would just like to say I'm very thankful for you guys for being there and giving me a second opportunity to live again," said David Mendes.
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