Homes flooded, belongings destroyed in Parlier

PARLIER, Calif. (KFSN) -- Rain in the Valley left a lasting impact on many Fresno County residents.

In the town of Parlier, many experienced leaky roofs and flooding inside their homes.

When it started to rain, water started pouring into one house Action News visited, completely filling the basement up and damaging everything inside.

The water in the basement was so high - about 6 inches - that those who live there couldn't go in to retrieve their belongings.

"My clothes and everything that I have stored in there is damaged," one of them said in Spanish.

Residents were caught so off guard they could only keep dry by putting plastic bags over their feet.

They say this has happened in the past, but never to this extent.

A few blocks away those living in an apartment complex were faced with the same issues.

Lisa Walker Castro said about two inches of water entered her home and a few of her neighbors.

"The water just poured in, it was like a dam. It just went and created more water. I shut the door, we went out and we sandbagged it and I literally had to go in and out of my window to go back and forth," said Castro.

The sandbags were provided by CAL FIRE after they were notified of the flooding.

Castro said the foundation at the complex isn't leveled causing the water to come in - a problem she's aware of.

Her son's bed is now a loss after being soaked.

"Anything that was touching the floor was wet," she said.

Action News reached out to the apartment complex's management, but have yet to hear back from them.

The homeowner said they're currently trying to find someone to help them pump all the water out.

Because they don't have flooding insurance everything must now be paid for out of pocket.
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