Schools urging students to get flu shots, immunizations amid COVID-19

Fresno and Clovis Unified will provide opportunities for students to get their flu shots
FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- Local school districts are stepping up efforts to get students vaccinated after alarming numbers last spring.

When COVID-19 caused schools to shut their doors, vaccination rates simply weren't cutting it.

"Back in March when schools closed, we were actually at 45%," said Jane Banks FUSD Director of Health Services.

"It was a great concern because usually, the spring is when we push the vaccines mainly for our seventh graders and kindergarteners," said Clovis Unified Director of Nursing Services, Jeanne Prandini.

Local districts didn't waste any time in making sure families had the resources they needed to get their vaccines.

"We doubled down buckled down, and then we started getting more outreach out there," said Banks.

Reaching out to parents, even bringing health department staff on-site to give students immunizations. All to overcome new obstacles posed by COVID-19

Now numbers are back where they should be. Fresno Unified is at 97%, and Clovis unified ranging from 95-100% depending on the school site.

Now they're shifting gears and focusing on the flu shot.

Both districts will provide opportunities for students to get their flu shots. Fresno Unified's clinic will be open for students to get their flu shots. At Clovis Unified, if students qualify for the vaccines for children program, they can get flu shots at the Children's Health Center.
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