Food Network star Alton Brown visits several restaurants in the Valley

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- Food Network star Alton Brown posted several pictures to his Instagram, Facebook and Twitter page. He used the #ABRoadEatsFresno.

One of his stops was the Chicken Pie Shop in the Tower District. Employees say he took several pictures outside before coming in. He had the chicken pie with mashed potatoes and a roll. He talked to the owner of the shop Gary for a while and even mentioned plans to come back tomorrow with some of his friends.

"Yeah he was taking pictures of everything. He seemed pretty impressed. He liked everything. He told Gary it was a great pie. They were chatting about it a little bit. We were kind of a little star stuck. Nobody wanted to say anything. And it was so cute ya know he was taking pictures of everything just like all of the other foodies that come in. It was really cool," said Alannah Cardoso, Chicken Pie Shop.

Aside from the Chicken Pie Shop, Alton also stopped by 'Dog House' Grill where he ordered a tri-tip sandwich. He also visited Kuppa Joy Coffee in Clovis. Posing with his coffee and the caption "finally."

Alton's time here in Fresno hasn't been all roses. He posted just before 8 a.m. Monday, "Hey Fresno. I think I cracked a tooth on some bean salad yesterday. Can anyone recommend a dentist?"

Then, he shared this image of himself - apparently in a dentist chair. The caption said, "Not something I thought I'd be doing in Fresno. #someonefedmearock"

No word on where he ate the bean salad, and if it was here in Fresno. Alton is scheduled to perform live Tuesday night at 7:30 at the Saroyan Theater before heading off to Modesto.
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