Fresno farmers market still seeing business during COVID-19 outbreak

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- It's business as usual at the Vineyard Farmers Market as they remain open, but both vendors and shoppers are taking precautions.

Vendors are wearing gloves, while signs ask shoppers to be quick in getting what they need.

Felix Muzquiz, with the market, says shoppers will notice new stations to help themselves stay safe.

"We have three hot water stations," Muzquiz said. "All our vendors are gloved up. Someone handling money is different than the one handling produce."

Some vendors say they're actually selling more products as shoppers continue to clear the shelves of grocery stores.

"Customers still want their fresh produce," says Jason Soares. "We're seeling a lot more oranges because people want their vitamin c."

Joel Weber of Rocky Oaks Goat Creamery has been selling his product at the Vineyard Farmers market for more than a year. He says they've had to stop giving out samples, which has impacted his sales.

"We were able to do testing with the cheese, and now we don't," Weber said. "When people taste the cheese, they don't buy one. They buy maybe three of four. "We have lost 20 percent of sales because of that."

Shoppers are continuing to buy fresh food, with some wearing their own masks and gloves as they get the necessities.

"We've had a significant crowd each day we've been open," Muzquiz said. "We'll see how long this continues and how long we'll bring fresh produce to everybody."

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