Fusion restaurants delight Fresno foodies

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One of Fresno's most up-and-coming restaurants, Pokiland, offers a fusion burrito. While at Javence Pizzeria, the ovens are baking up carne asada pizzas. (KFSN)

Fresh, raw fish is drawing seafood lovers to one of Fresno's most up-and-coming restaurants - Pokiland.

"Poke started in Hawaii," owner Tram Tran said. "It's a very famous traditional soul of eating raw fish.It's very similar to sushi, but instead of slices, it's into cubes and they marinate with a different sauce and top it off with different seasoning."

Tran is one of the owners of Pokiland, which opened at the corner of Champlain and Perrin Avenues in January.

"We just really love food and we wanted to bring something different to our community since moved back and just make Fresno fun," Tran said.

The fast, casual dining option allows people to come in choose their portion size and customize it by protein, sauces and toppings.

"It's very fusion," Tran said. "The traditional poki is just raw fish, but here you get to do it with a salad, you could do nacho style."

It's those unique items and others like a poki burrito that keep customers coming back for more.

Over at Javence Pizzeria, the ovens are baking up a new fusion food: carne asada pizza.

"They're responding wonderfully," owner Veronica Womack exclaimed. "They love it. It's our best seller."

Womack and her husband say this fusion idea has taken off.

"So the carne asada is regular pizza dough and we sauce it with a green salsa, we put the cheese and the meat and it's baked," she said. "When it comes out of the oven, we top it with fresh onions, cilantro, la crema, which is Mexican sour cream, and avocado sauce, and we serve it with limes or lemon."

The pizza has become even more popular they say thanks to social media.

They even added adobada pizzas too to feed Fresno foodies.

"People love pizza, people love Mexican food, a lot of people love tacos and it's just all in one and it just worked out perfectly," Womack said.

It's a winning combination that's feeding food enthusiasts one bite at a time.
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