NATIONAL GARLIC DAY: Garlic ice cream and cookies? We put them to the test

GILROY, Calif. -- It is National Garlic Day and we couldn't think of a better way to celebrate than head to the Gilroy, California - the Garlic Capital of the World, to see what makes the little root vegetable so special.

"Garlic is just good on anything," Garlic World Manager Orlando Jaime said.

Garlic has been part of the human diet for thousands of years.

While culinary garlic was originated in Asia, Gilroy is considered the Garlic Capital of the World.

California is the largest garlic-growing state in the country and Gilroy is at the forefront.

"You can grow just about anything here," Jaime said. "They grow a lot of great garlic here in Gilroy and it tastes fabulous. They celebrate the Garlic Festival on the last full weekend of July every year just to showcase the garlic."

When cooking, garlic can be used in many different ways, including savory and sweet dishes.

"There's garlic ice cream, we're the only place that does garlic chocolate chip cookies too," Jaime said. "Garlic pistachios, almonds and a whole bunch of other good snacks. Seasonings, pickled garlic and even olives stuffed with garlic too."

Garlic also has some hidden qualities.

It has been known to keep vampires away and even cure some health issues.

"It has a lot of great probiotics. So eating it makes you healthier and makes blood flow better. So it makes food taste good, it's good for you and there's nothing that it could go bad in," Jaime said.

For more fun facts and information about Garlic, check out the Garlic World website.
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