Happy Hour starts early at this Fresno breakfast restaurant

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- For some people, Happy Hour apparently starts in the morning -- with more than a mimosa.

The Fresno Breakfast House offers a unique setting as you work your way through the patio area and into the restaurant.

"There's really not anywhere in Fresno quite like this."

The colorful, eclectic vibe is by design-mismatched coffee cups and plates. Customers even offer their own descriptions.

"Miami Vice is one of them. Someone said it looks like you walked into an easter egg," said the restaurant's managing partner, Symone Tellawi.

In the kitchen, where it counts, cooks aim to plate a dish that'll get your day started right.

Tellawi says their pretty offering of eggs benedict with ham and fresh fruit is very popular among customers.

So is the chile verde omelet.

"We do make a lot of our items from scratch. Like our chile verde, for instance, is homemade," Tellawi said. "The crepes here we do make them from scratch as well."

The crepes florentine certainly were light and tasty.

Symone says the crepes are her grandmother's favorite.

"You can't overcook the eggs. You gotta leave them nice and fluffy," she said.

Diners enjoy their food on the weekend while they listen to piano player Nate Butler.

"I think it makes a big difference. Just the ambiance it provides," Tellawi said.

When you think of a breakfast bar, you might think of peanuts, granola, maybe some honey. But at Fresno Breakfast House, it takes on a whole new meaning.

Some folks like to shake things up and take a breakfast shot.

"So the breakfast shot is going to come with equal parts of the Jameson and Buttershots in a shooter. And then it's going to come with a shot of orange juice and a piece of bacon and a little waffle for you," said bartender, LaTonza Hunter.

It's the signature drink of the restaurant's Tellawi Lounge.

"Our breakfast shot is absolutely life-changing," Symone said.

If you don't seek any changes any your life, you can always have pancakes, bacon and eggs.

The Fresno Breakfast House opens at the crack of dawn--six in the morn.

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