Hidden speakeasy takes patrons on culinary adventure in Fresno

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- If you are a fanatic about food and are craving a new kind of culinary experience look no further than your own backyard. Hidden in plain sight, and only accessible by password, the local speakeasy is as mysterious as it looks.

There's opulent decor, swanky guests, and most importantly an excess of extravagant dishes. This isn't Gatsby's West Egg it's a place you probably won't find.

"Some people didn't even realize what it was because we took them through a back alley to get in," said Amy Jaye, co-founder.

Fresno's Underground Supper Club is a themed social gathering that happens every month in secret spots around the city.

"You find out about the events through invitation. You don't know what you're eating or where it's going to be until about 48 hours before you have that event," said Jaye.

Jaye said it is meant for the adventurous and spontaneous-- that's if you can get on the guest list.

"It's been growing like crazy. We have over a thousand people on our mailing list now. We had one that sold out in ten minutes."

"The minute you see that thing you better sign up. Because if you don't it won't be there," said one patron.

Jaye hosts the themed pop-up dinners alongside the culinary geniuses at the Painted Table.

"From the food all the way to the lighting. To the music, to the servers dressed up in berets, we really try to create a full package," said Jeromie Hansen, the Painted Table.

The carefully curated events are held at unique locations that aren't traditionally used as venues.

"We got to go to the Forestiere Underground Gardens last year and we had dinner in a part of the gardens that no one other than the family had eaten in before," said Jaye.

But the star of the show is without a doubt the food.

"We try to create something you can't get here in Fresno. However embracing what we grow and what we produce here in the Central valley,' said Hansen.

"We had juke with hundred-year-old egg and fried chicken feet. So you don't typically walk into a restaurant and find that here. We've also had these delicious deviled eggs with bacon jam and caviar-- it runs the gamut," said Jaye.

"If you have allergies this might not be for you because this, in the end, is our supper club. It's our party. Sit down and enjoy the ride," said Hansen.

And if that doesn't make you flinch then the fact that themes are getting more daring by the month might.

"We'll have a dark dinner where you don't see what you're eating. Until you actually have had it," said Jaye.

"We're going to have an aphrodisiac dinner which is going to be super super sexy of course. And so we're really going to push people out of their comfort zones and we're excited about it," said Hansen.

So why is it so hard to get an invite? Well, that's because they try to limit the dinners to under 40 people.

"You've got enough people that it's cost effective because that has to be a consideration. But you can also do some amazing things that you can't do with 200 people," said Jaye. "You can be much more intricate with the food that you serve or the number of courses that you have."

So if you're a foodie who likes intimacy and adventure this may be for you. But once the invitations go out tickets go fast and each one costs $135. Jaye said it is a small price to pay for a night of opulence and mystery.

"We have so many responsibilities and pressures on us and to be able to step back and escape from it all is a lovely thing to be able to do."

The first series wrapped up last month but the 2017 series is set to be announced soon. To learn how to become a member and ways to get a discounted ticket click here.
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