How spicy is this Fresno restaurant's chicken? It may leave you in tears

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- We're serving up something new on Action News. We're listening to what our viewers and social media followers say when it comes to their favorite foods, and exploring them in a new segment called 'Dine 'n' Dish'.

Angry Chickz Nashville Hot Chicken in northwest Fresno brings the heat.

"Nashville hot chicken is widely considered the bird that bites back because as soon as you bite into it, you feel a bite back," says owner David Mkhitaryan.

The sliders and tenders Mkhitaryan serves range from Country - no heat - all the way up to Angry, which uses Carolina Reaper and Ghost peppers.

Dmitri Martinez of Fresno was excited to try the hottest offering. He said, "Yeah, I heard I had to sign the waiver thing and thought, okay, I'll check it out."

Martinez signed a waiver and immediately took several bites of his sizzling slider.

It was enough to bring Martinez to tears but he's no quitter. He described the pain, "It kind of stays in the back. My tongue is kind of going numb a little bit."

Mkhitaryan said most people can't handle more than a bite or two of his hottest offering. "Of course they start crying and asking for milk afterwards."

David's love for spicy food scares us. He said, "If I could eat jalapenos with my cereal I would eat it."

If you can't stand the heat, stick with the tasty basics at the lower end.

The soft buns are filled with coleslaw while the tender chicken is drizzled with a special "come back" sauce designed to keep you coming back.
Mkhitaryan promised, "It'll change your life once you try it."

As for the logo, it's poultry in motion. David pointed out, "The chicken is dabbing definitely."

Martinez won a t-shirt for finishing his angry slider.

He wasn't overcome with emotion. Lunch made him shed sweat and tears.

In addition to the Fresno location, Mkhitaryan also has two restaurants in Los Angeles.
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