Lanna Coffee Company fuels growing coffee shop scene in the Valley

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- The coffee scene in the Valley is growing, with more shops opening up.

At Cornerstone Coffee Company in Downtown Fresno, baristas serve up a tasty and meaningful cup of Joe.

"We're a social enterprise. So our efforts are to build an economy, build people and Lanna is like-minded," said Vikki Luna, Lighthouse Recovery Program Executive Director.

Employees work alongside women in the Lighthouse Recovery Program to serve the Fresno based coffee. Luna oversees the company and has seen the business grow over the past three years with coffee as their main cause.

Lanna Coffee Company has become a brand many local coffee shops and enthusiasts know. The beans are sourced and imported directly from northern Thailand farmers and brought to Fresno.

"We roast it. We have different types of coffee and different processes of coffee. There's a wash, a natural and a honey process that our farmers are able to produce. Then we roast and package that," said Bryan Fiel, Lanna Coffee Co. CEO.

Lanna roasts about 400 pounds of coffee from their downtown facility. It's then sent to coffee shops across the Valley in Fresno, Hanford, and Reedley and even to some businesses.

Fiel said he sees a growing number of consumers with a conscience.

"People want to know the products they buy make a difference. So what people are getting when they buy Lanna is not just a delicious cup of coffee, right, whether it's dark or medium or light, but they're getting the opportunity to create economic change for a farmer across the world," Fiel said.

Lanna also sells online, and its cold brew is sold at stores like The Market and will be sold at Wild Water Adventure Park this summer. The Revue Coffee Bar in the Tower District serves a majority of Lanna coffee and fills with customers throughout the day.

"It's really flavorful, there's a lot of depth to it, and a lot of the mixed drinks they make with it are absolutely delicious," said Kristian House, coffee enthusiast.

It's coffee with a conscience that's brewing with success in the Valley.
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