Made in the Valley - Raizana Tea Company

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- A behind the scenes look at the Fresno business helping people around the country soothe their the ailments with a cup of tea.

The fragrant smells of herbs fill the air at Raizana Tea Company in Downtown Fresno.

"We built it from scratch just like we make our teas everyday," said Pablo Orozco, Raizana Tea Company.

Pablo and Sol Orozco are the husband and wife business owners behind the tea company. "Raizana means healthy root in Spanish," said Sol.

The two started in 2009, after Sol was suffering from insomnia and needed a natural solution. Her homemade batches of tea quickly caught on in her neighborhood. "I started selling tea to them to fall asleep and they started coming to me and asking me, 'Do you have something for the kidneys? Something for my stomach?' and I said 'yeah, I can make a blend.'"

Now, the company has grown into a Downtown Fresno location off Tuolumne Street near Fulton Street. And the orders have too. "We used to sell maybe 10 bags a month and now we run 1,000 bags."

On this day, employees blended herbs and ingredients to make the loose leaf tea by hand. "Tranquility is our best seller online by far. So that's our anti-stress blend, so I guess a lot of people are stressed out, so it really helps them. Its really mild and affective."

The company has even been able to sell its teas internationally thanks to the internet. As for the Orozcos, they're proud to be building a successful business together.

Raizana was named one of the best entrepreneurial companies in America by Entrepreneur Magazine.

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