Meal prep options that make dinnertime easy for your family

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- Putting dinner on the table is getting a bit easier due to a growing number of meal prep companies and stores, offering recipes, and even delivery.

"It's a lot to compete with having to make dinner and get the kids to school and their activities and to work," said chef and author Shayna Telesmanic.

Telesmanic is a local chef and newly published author of the book "The Healthy Breakfast Cookbook," which is selling at Amazon and Target.

The mother of two says eating balanced meals, especially for a family, can be challenging.

Businesses around the country are vying to make dinner easy for you.

Some of the options include HelloFresh, where users choose how many meals they want, and a personal box, and the ingredients are delivered. Prices are per serving.

"They'll send you the kit, you cook it yourself, you go online, It's super easy, but you do have to cook it and do all of those dishes," Telesmanic said.

Meal Hero allows you to choose recipes, and then you pick where to get your groceries, whether it's delivery or pickup.

Walmart has also rolled out eMeals, and for a monthly fee, you can choose recipes you want that range from kid-friendly to diet-specific.

In the end, you get a shopping list that gives you a chance to pick up groceries or get them delivered.

Shayna started her own Supper Club workshop five years ago, where people can meal prep together. She said interest in the workshop increases every year.

"I think the thing that people love about it is, I plan the meals," she said. "I plan what everyone is going to make, I do the grocery shopping, and you come and chat with your friends. It's a community-like feel, where you get dinner done, but you also get to have a good time."

The meals are geared for crockpots or instapots.

Her next workshop is Sunday, February 23, and it costs $160 for ten meals.

The workshops have been so popular, she's working on a pickup location for busy families who want to a meal.

When it comes to dinner, whether it's choosing a meal kit or cooking yourself, experts hope to make dinnertime less stressful and more enjoyable for your family.
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