Plant-based diets growing in popularity as more people look to eat healthy

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- The fresh aroma of cilantro and vegetables surrounds Janna Melkonian when she is at work in the kitchen.

"This is the type of food I think a lot of people are looking for in society because I think because a lot of times fast food is not necessarily healthy or doesn't taste too good," she said. "So I'm trying to combine the two together to create easy options for people to eat healthier."

Melkonian is the owner of Rappit Up!

The Fresno business is a meal prep and delivery service for those looking for plant-based food.

Some of Melkonian's bestsellers include salads, wraps and bowls. She says healthy food can taste good.

"I do a regular type of sandwiches but without the meat, without the cheese. But I use more potatoes and things like this that give a flavor to them. Every item has a different taste. I also have Asian style food, Italian types of pasta, so a variety of meals," she said.

In 2016, Melkonian started her business and was inspired by her grandmother. Her family has always enjoyed a plant-based diet.

"We were both raised vegetarians. So we've never eaten meat before. So it comes as a shock to people, but I was raised on a health-conscious diet," she said.

Melkonian says health is driving many to eat more vegetables and whole foods. She believes there are many benefits.

Since launching her business, she has grown and sells items at five locations, including Kuppa Joy. She also sells and delivers her meal prep packages.

She says social media has been a driving force in her business.

"Every time I post I notice the difference it makes of how my food sells," Melkonian said

Her hope is to connect with more people who want to eat healthy in a fast way.

In the future, Rappit Up! Plans to open a storefront and kitchen somewhere in the Fig Garden area, so people can dine in and get plant-based food year-round.
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