Price of turkey has gone down slightly this year

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- Poultry is big business in Fresno County. In fact, there are four turkeys for every person.

The American Farm Bureau said the price of a turkey dipped a little this year compared to last-- off 30 cents for a 16-pound bird.

"A lot of that is probably associated with feed costs. Feed costs are definitely down what they were compared to a couple of years ago. So we have seen a lot of meat prices correcting as far as price wise go downwards," said Ryan Jacobsen, Farm Bureau CEO.

Some shoppers who do not want to deal with long lines picked up items at Fresno State's Farm Store. Locally produced items like hams, vegetables, and even olive oil have been popular.

"We've had a lot of people coming in picking up wine for their holiday dinner. We've also have some folks picking up some spiral sliced hams that we produce here on our campus along with our cranberry sauce," said Jeremy Lewis, Farm Store Manager.

Lewis said food prices there have dropped a little bit this year. Some shoppers prefer to buy local and avoid the crowds so they pick up produce at spots like the Vineyard Farmers Market.

"We produce so many crops that end up on tables not only across California but arguably across the nation. Everything from your bottle of wine to your turkey to every single side dish you may have," said Jacobsen.

It is a time of year the Valley's bounty goes on display.
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