Roll Me Some Ice gives Valley a unique sweet treat in time for summer

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- Rollogists at Roll Me Some are chopping and rolling ice cream.

"To see your ice cream being made from cream to just this piece of rolled ice cream dessert, the reactions are just amazing," Mario Vejar with the store said.

Vejar is one of the co-owners of Roll Me Some along with his wife and another couple. The new business is getting ready to show off their unique art at a pop up at Kuppa Joy Friday night.

"It originated in Thailand and then it started slowly making its way here," he explained. "And we figured what a good idea to bring to the Central Valley."

So, what it makes it different?

"We use a 100-percent organic cream base, so non-GMO, fully organic," Vejar said. "That creates that unique creaminess. It's kind of a roll off your tongue creaminess."

The rapid freezing adds to the creaminess.

"Our end result is a creamy ice cream that looks like scrolls," Heather Durham with the store said.

The owners say the plan is to keep catering and participating in pop-ups.

"So, we're working along with other small businesses and trying to support local," Vejar said. "In this case, Kuppa Joy has opened up their facility for us."

You can catch Roll Me Some at Art Hop June 1, and their storefront is expected to open late June in Downtown Fresno.
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