This Fresno restaurant's yummy hot pots are the ultimate comfort food

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- Chicken and beef skewers will cure your BBQ cravings.

But one River Park restaurant is known for its bubbling mini-hot pots.

"We just light it up and it will slowly cook and it will cook all the flavor in. Our servers are always walking by if you want more broth," says J-Pot manager Jason Lin.

Action News sat down with Lin and a table full of favorites.

The signature J-Pot has everything from tofu to corn to ribs to clam to beef tendon meatballs, taro, and squid.

The hot pot selections range from the Pho Real pot to the Tokyo and Curry pot.

It's comfort food for Lin. Until he opened the restaurant, his family had to go to the Bay Area or LA to enjoy a bowl.

"I think it's very important for me to introduce what we like to eat in our culture and our type of food to our locals and to our friends and family in Fresno," says Lin.

If you're not in the mood for soup you can always have "dry pot" with the ingredients you want - it's a stir fry within a pot. Many Fresno residents love the hot and spicy sauce in the teriyaki dry pot.

Lin set out to offer something Fresno didn't have.

"Eating the same thing every day may get boring so it's great to try it out," he says.

J-Pot also has a built-in tea shop to allow folks to have tea with their meal or to take out.

"Our teas use fresh fruit. We don't use any syrup and any powders," says Lin.

And when we heat up this summer, Lin says he'll just turn up the A/C to help you enjoy your hot pot.
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