Visalia woman using her passion for food to share beautiful culinary creations with people online

VISALIA, Calif. (KFSN) -- These days it's not enough to enjoy a good meal, you've got to share it online and on social media. Farms and companies are also taking strides to showcase their food in an enticing image.

With a click of her camera, food photographer and stylist Lori Rice is trying to capture a salad in just the right light.

"The overall goal for any food photographer is to make a person hungry. To make them want to eat that. I like the idea of that, but also giving a feel, what does that food make you feel like? Does it create a memory? Does it bring back a memory?"

The Visalia woman is a natural light photographer who brings food to life through pictures. Her website is filled with mouthwatering images.

"But I get to make food look pretty and take pictures of food for a living so it's nice," said Rice.

Rice has a background in nutritional sciences, but her love for travel and food caused her to start blogging and capturing the moments. Companies across the country started noticing and hired her to shoot recipes and dishes for their web sites.

"Whenever you're promoting an agriculture product like citrus or something like that you want people to want to get that product and to work with it in their own kitchen, motivate them to cook with it."

Rice showed us some of the work she does inside her studio to bring the recipe from bland to lively, adding garnishes and perfecting a color scheme. Much of her work has been featured on her blog and social media.

The Visalia woman is a natural light photographer who brings food to life through pictures.

"I cover my food, I cover my pugs."

Rice has even written a book called "Food on Tap: Cooking with Craft Beer," which incorporates cooking with beer. Some local breweries are also suggested in the book.

"I managed to use beer in salad dressings. I brought in the way I cook to using beer. It was a really fun project."

Rice has traveled the world and said she is inspired by food culture

"Everything by what's abroad to when I drive by the road here and I see walnuts and citrus, every day that inspired me and keeps me going."

Rice has a passion for food and photography that's picture perfect.
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