For most high school students graduating this year 9/11 is history not a memory

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- On this day we're reminded to "Never Forget."

But students born after 9/11 never knew about that dark moment in our history so its important educators and adults fill in the gaps.

Several valley schools today marked the 9/11 anniversary.

Nicholas Steinhauer played "Taps" at a moving ceremony at Central High's East Campus.

Principal Robert Perez told those gathered, "Today we remember, we honor and we celebrate our country."

Kids who have grown up post 9/11 bowed their heads in respect of the lives lost that day and during the war on terrorism.

Fresno Police campus officer Ron Flores said, "It's hard to believe that Americans just now just entering adulthood may be too young to remember 9/11."

But Isabella Aguila's life lessons extended beyond history class.

The Central High sophomore said, "I've been to the memorial in New York so going there really opened my eyes about everything that happened that day and gave me a better experience and knowledge of everything that happened."

The 17 year anniversary of 9/11 offered dramatic reminders to young people about how the world changed after the attacks.

Sophomore Bria Cooper explained, "When you look at the images and stuff, it's crazy to think to see that something like that happened before I was born. It's almost surreal."

But it was also personal for Cooper. She said, "My uncle was actually in New York at the time of 9/11 so we just use this day to lift each other up."

The American flag raised at Central flew inside an Air National Guard 144th Fighter Wing F-15 jet. Fresno Police campus officer Ron Flores helped secure the new flag. He felt it was important for the students to join in its dedication during a somber remembrance.

Flores said, "Some of them weren't even born yet. Some of them were little kids and for them to be able to see something like this that something we actually lived through was amazing."

Two weeks ago Officer Flores told Principal Perez the old flag was a bit too old and needed to be retired.

Flores explained his Police Sgt. was also Lt. Colonel Lenny Lujan with the Air National Guard 144th Fighter Wing and he was able to get the new replacement US flag for the school.
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