Former Fresno City College student body president Christopher Washington sentenced to one year in jail

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- Christopher Washington went from a college leader to a prisoner. The former student body president of Fresno City College will spend one year in jail.

On Tuesday, in a letter to the judge, Washington asked he receive credit for time served so he wouldn't have to forfeit his housing.

In October, Fresno City College police officers arrested him after a bizarre bathroom incident in which officers say he was partially clothed and drunk, along with a minor victim.

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"She said she recalled drinking near the dance classroom and then waking up in the hospital," said Hon. Judge Don Penner.

The judge also agreed to a five-year criminal protective order, banning Washington from contacting the young woman. She did not attend the sentencing.

Despite the plea agreement, the attorney representing Washington brought up other new information he said his client told him about that day in October -- another female was also involved.

"I don't think that that tilts the scale as much. I just wanted to paint a full picture to the court as to what was going on," said attorney David Munoz.

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The judge also addressed videos that were taken of the alleged crime. The probation report and defense sentencing brief provided contradicting accounts of what was actually depicted in them.

Deputy District Attorney Amy Freeman said, "In the officers opinion, he viewed touching. It is difficult to see, some of the recordings are very very fast."

Even though Washington didn't plead to a sex crime, as terms of the deal, he must also attend a 52-week sex offender treatment program. Washington also pleaded to a felony count of dissuading a witness.

Based on time credits and time served, Washington's attorney said he should be set free on April 16 of this year.
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