Fresno dog adopted from shelter after spending half his life in the shelter

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- After spending more than five years in an animal shelter, one Fresno dog is getting a new lease on life.

Rick Negrete says he's always wanted to adopt a dog and has followed Seamus' story for a while. He even applied to adopt him before, but his online application never went through.

That's when he decided to reach out directly to the Fresno Bully Rescue.

On December 21st, the Negrete family welcomed Seamus into their lives.

Since then, the story of his adoption has gone viral and he's now become a social media star.

"The story of how he was there for five years it touched everybody's heart, people were like make him an Instagram, I made him an Instagram and since then it blew up. A lot of people follow him and want to know what he's doing day-to-day."

The Negrete family says Seamus loves his new home. Some of his favorite things include treats, toys and car rides.

You can keep up with the famous Seamus on Instagram @seamus_the_bully.
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