Fresno FAX Bus Stop Improvements

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- Bus riders and commuters are going to see some big changes on the streets of Fresno. Fresno Area Express, also known as FAX, received $2.2 million dollars in federal, state and local grant- funding to upgrade 18 stops throughout the FAX bus route system.

The funding will be used to build so-called "Buffer Median Islands" between major roads and frontage roads. Those islands will provide an accessible location for passengers to wait for the bus and pathways for passengers to get to-and-from the sidewalk to bus stops located on median islands.

City of Fresno's Director of Transportation, Gregory Barfield said, "In those buffers we currently have bus stops which is a pole in the dirt. We will build a complete bus stop that is ADA compatible."

The 18 bus stops that will be upgraded are located throughout the City of Fresno. Construction will take place over the Summer and Fall.
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