Fresno County leaders, business owners pushing to reopen

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- Fresno County Supervisor Nathan Magsig wants to accelerate the process of getting local businesses open again. He believes if the community continues to social distance and use sanitary practices, it can happen.

"We are not like Los Angeles, we're not like San Francisco, we're not like San Diego, so here we can take measures which keep the public safe, but allow our economy to get going again.

At Pismo's in North Fresno, owner Dave Fansler said he's depressed.

"The financial loss here, it's not like a drip drip drip," he said. "This is a torrential rain of economic loss and with that comes despair, and you can feel it."

Fansler posted a video Sunday on his Facebook from table 32 of his empty restaurant with a glass of wine.

He has met with Fresno County health officials, along with other local restaurant owners and laid out a safety plan.

But so far, he hasn't been given any authorization.

"Publish the protocols and we'll do it," he said. "Trust us, train us and verify that we're doing it and let's get started."

Magsig said the current state guidelines include injustices that should be fixed. If Costco, Target and Walmart can be open and sell both essential and non-essential items, he says other businesses should be able to as well.

"Just up the street you may have a furniture store, or you may have a mom and pop restaurant, and those stores are being told that they can't operate or very strictly, they can operate," Magsig said.

City of Fresno officials plan to release a specific list Tuesday of the businesses that can reopen later this week.

Dine-in restaurants will not be included in this first phase.
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