Fresno City College hosts inaugural "State of the College"

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- Fresno City College hosted their first State of the College on Wednesday morning.

College President Carole Goldsmith stood on stage listing their accomplishments, how the school has contributed to Fresno, as well as future plans. She said FCC has a positive impact on Fresno.

"We are looking at over $886 million in terms of economic impact each and every year because of this institution."

Many community and school leaders attended, including Fresno City Council president Esmeralda Soria. She explained she's looking forward to not only what's planned for the school's future but also future partnerships.

"We know the benefits of the community college being because not only do we have the economic impact but really it is transforming lives in our community."

Soria added the city has already partnered with the school to help with free transportation for the students.

Goldsmith said she is proud the see thousands of students each year transfer to Universities and eventually enter the workforce. She added to help more people they are now offering classes off campus in the community, including at Fresno Pacific University.

"We will have classes at Sunnyside High School and at Edison, in our south and east, west areas because we are going to be building new facilities thanks to Measure 'C'. Measure 'C' allowed us to build a new West Fresno campus that's why we are partnering with Edison High School," Goldsmith said. "Then in the southeast, we are committed to Measure 'C' and keeping our promise and building a first-responder center. That responder center will be built in the southeast, that's why we are partnering with Sunnyside".

These classes are being offered at night and range from communications to hip-hop dance. It only costs $46 per unit and parking is free.

"Fresno City College is the City's college, we know we have affordable access but we are trying to make it more accessible throughout the community," Goldsmith explained.

During the State of the College, a couple community members and businesses who have helped shape the school were recognized and given Ram Champion Awards.

The first person awarded was Willis "Woody" Wilk who is a retired sports publicist and the second award was given to the Hunter Engineering Company, a business that continues to provide equipment to the Automotive Program.

Proceeds from the State of the College go directly to the Presidents Scholarship Fund to help provide a higher education to all.

If you are interested in any of the off-campus classes. There are a few registration events. The first is happening on Wednesday, Aug. 8 at Fresno Pacific University North Campus from 5:00 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. and in a couple weeks there will be registration events for classes being offered at the high schools.

For more information or to fill out an application click here.
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