Proposition to reduce excessive noise near Woodward Park blocked by Fresno City Council

FRESNO, Calf. (KFSN) -- An effort to reduce what some call excessive noise in north Fresno near Woodward Park was blocked in city council Thursday.

Homeowner Dirk Poschel says cell phone video he took the morning of November 2nd, 2014 illustrates his concern about noise levels near Woodward Park.

"Any of the property owners who moved out there, moved at the time when there was a covenant, that there would be no noise and no amplified music from the park," said Poschel.

Poschel also says over time the events have gotten louder with the city not taking steps to mitigate.

His firm represents The Park Fort Washington homeowners Association, where the west boundary is adjacent to Friant.

"They just want to enjoy their backyards like everyone else does. They don't care about the music what song they just want to have quiet enjoyment and peace in their backyard," said Poschel.

Fresno's municipal code and general plan state noise shouldn't exceed 70 decibels near residential property.

Poschel brought forward a resolution which would mean if at any time during the event an artist went above that there would be fines of $1,000 to $10,000 per minute of violation and after 30 minutes each minute becomes a $100,000 fine. The artist would also not be able to hold future events at the amphitheater for five years.

Concert promoters in attendance said 70 decibels is unrealistic.

"Traffic on a busy highway would somewhere land in 90 DBS a car stereo is probably 70," said owner and operator of Numbskull Productions Eddy Burgos.

Burgos also says artists would likely not want to play Woodward Park.

"Artists love it, fans love it. We'd be losing a crown jewel...even acapella or a standup comedian will exceed that 70 DB limit," said Burgos.

Council ultimately voted against the resolution the majority stating the events held are vital to the city's economy and increase morale as well as property values

"We all live around noise in our city some of us have an airport, others have Fresno State and Bulldog games. I have railroad tracks next door," said Arias.

Councilmembers today suggested updating the noise ordinance.
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